Let the Waves of your Breath wash over the Shore of your Being

This mix starts with about 30 secs or so of quiet (so set your speaker at it’s normal range and let the music appear in it’s own time). Part of the practice of dance awake is tuning in to our breath, however it is in the moment. The invitation here though is to start lying still and, taking some ujai/ocean breaths, tuning to the waves of our breath on the still shore of being, a shore in the deep embrace of gravity. Slowly the music starts and we gently let go of focused breathing, letting it become natural again, keeping the feeling of waves washing though us. Each inhale an accepting, each exhale a letting go. Our breath becomes our first movement in this dance. Many of us ‘forget to breath’ or hold our breath as we move though a panicky world. This dance is the space to remember and savour our precious breath as it ebbs and flows through our precious being.