I ‘ve been contemplating Bones. How I often think of them as rigid and straight, because mostly I see them only when they’re out of their body, as skeletons, dried out and brittle. But I’ve been wondering about them alive in my body. Holding structure, holding form, also breathing and moving. Made up of living, dancing cells. Their fluid centres surrounded by flesh, muscles, tendons, fat and skin, with round joints rolling together in multi-articulated union. The perfect example of unseen parts of ourselves that can’t truly be understood in autopsy, but need to be lived – to be felt – to be known. In tai chi, it is suggested to move the bones and let the flesh be soft. When I try this in my dance I meet my body in different ways. There is more space. I like to feel the weight of my bones as they breathe out to gravity. Theirs is a realness that calms.

With Love,