Trust Yourself (You know what you’re doing)

This theme came about as a result of wanting to re-build trust in myself. There are so many voices vying for our attention and people, intentionally or unintentionally, swaying us this way or that, that sometimes we end up making choices that aren’t the best for us (well, I have in the past). The course of action I’m exploring here is using my body, with as little mental narrative input as possible, to examine my feelings and to move from a place of deep friendship with myself.

1. Find Yourself. Right here and now in this body. Breath moving in and moving out. Sensations on the skin. The loving hold of gravity. Cells vibrating. Blood flowing. Heart beating. Find Yourself present here and now.

2. Listen to Yourself. Not the voices in your head, not the programming. Listen deeply to your body. Every tingle, ache, stab, jolt, wave, flood, tickle, warm, cold, subtle vibration is the language your body is speaking to you. Now listen.

3. Be with Yourself. Without naming, without judging, without fixing. Building and re-building Trust. A loving friend, with kindness and persistence. Be with yourself.

4. Move from this place. Honouring, loving, pleasuring, expressing, connecting. Move from this place.