Entangled Life

There is nothing you are not connected to, patiently waiting for you to notice.
Listen with your skin, as you breath in.
Let your ears open like flowers to every sound and silence.
Touch, as you breath out, and with your weight as you lean in.
Letting your eyes soften to dissolve the illusion of space between.
Being all this beautiful entangled mess that is life, as you let it in.

The name for this mix is inspired by the book of the same name by Merlin Sheldrake. It’s one of those books that remind me of the interconnected wonder that is life, told through the story of fungi on this planet. He heads chapters with quotes from some of my favorite writers:

“To use the world well, to be able to stop wasting it and our time in it, we need to re-learn our being in it.” Ursula Le Guin

I feel this interconnectedness as I dance when I let my body move exactly as it wants to, however strangely that may appear to outside observers. It naturally starts to erase the constrictions forged in my (unintentionally) anthropocentric daily life. I start to feel the tingle of life force again, becoming more comfortably sensitive (rather than hypersensitive) to the subtle flows in and around me. From there the practice inspiring the piece at the top of this post brings me closer in awareness to this entangled life we are always engaged in, whether conscious of it or not. Like every dance of exploration there’s no telling what might appear and nothing real can be forced, but “practice makes magic”.

“There are moments in moist love when heaven is jealous of what we on Earth can do.” Hafiz

The image I took in the Platbos Forest 2022 cc