Close your eyes
And see your body

As you move
See your body

See inside your body
See your body in relationship

Part of the ground
Part of the music
Part of this living world

See your body

Visualisation in dance can be seeing a move (or series of moves) in the mind’s eye before making it (or them) which is a valuable practice, but what I’d like to invite is more of a synasthetic approach to visualisation. 

As you move let the physical sensations of the movement – the feel of your skin, against your clothes, the floor, the air, against your skin – form a picture of your body in your mind’s eye. See the physical sensations inside your body. It might be that this is naturally how you dance with awareness, or perhaps it is not – there is, as always, no right or wrong in this practice and these invitations simply speak to potential explorations. 

As this is not the Michael Phelps style of visualisation, simply allow these visuals to unfold without dictating how they should look (the backs of the eyelids make a good screen). These leaves space to perhaps learn more about how things are in your body, to learn what lights up you, and what your body might be asking for.

With Love,