Grief comes in many forms and for many reasons. I made this mix because my dad passed away last year and a lot of grief has washed through me since. Dancing has given space to be with that grief, to move with it (even if sometimes it’s just the movement of a tear down a cheek).

Perhaps some of these tracks are only right for one stage of grieving, perhaps some just personal for me, I don’t know. I took months to get this mix out and recorded many subtle variations, but this one still moves the grief in me, and hopefully, if you need it, it’ll move the grief in you too.

“So has my world become
Run out of breath

I’m not the only one to lose a friend

Where do you go
You’re going home

What do I do with the
Void in your shape

Then when the stars align
With some kind of peace

I know I’m loved by you
Either way

Where did you go
You’re going home”

From the lyrics to “some kind of peace” by ├ôlafur Arnalds/JFDR

With Love