Celebration, Learning & Deeper Connection

A day of movement, knowledge, embodiment, dance, meditation & time together

“Without Gravity, we are lost.” Jolene Cartmill

 Saturday, 17 August 2024

Quella Studio, Noordhoek


Come movers, explorers, the curious, the weary, practitioners and noobs alike… Lovers of Gravity, those wanting to fall in love with Gravity (pun intended), and also those who fight against Gravity. We meet for grounding, presence and connection.

A day with a spacious rhythm of movement, dance, play, learning, meditation, delicious (vegetarian-friendly) lunch and being together. Finding the portals that deepen our understanding of Gravity, calming our frayed edges and landing us more tuned in with this beautiful Earth and our connection to her. 

“Gravity is my best friend.” Dave Gardner

Guided by a playful and learned team of dancers, embodiment people, movement practitioners, and a physics professor, each session is a portal into deepening our understanding of Gravity – in the cognitive sense, but also, more importantly, in a visceral, embodied, felt sense way. 

“If you aren’t in your body, life can’t find you.” Jane Sonnenburg

Below is a full schedule for the day we will spend together, info on the facilitators and practical info about joining. Space is limited to 25 participants, so please book your place as not to miss out! 


10.00: Start, settle and welcome

10.15: Gravity as a portal to anarchic non-differentiated embodiment that recognises the other in you 

With: Jane Sonnenburg

Session: visceral embodiment practice, using organic breathwork and movement.

11.30: What about falling?

With: Andrew van Diemen 

Session: We move with, and understand Barophobia, the fear of Gravity/falling.

12.30: Lunch

Share a delicious vegetarian-friendly meal together

13.30: The Physics of Gravity

With: Dr Philip Southey

Session: interactive talk tracing the history of our ideas of gravity: Aristotle’s teleology, Newton’s force acting across space, Einstein’s curvature of space-time. Looking forward: is there an ultimate quantum theory of gravity? And some fun stuff about black holes.

14.15: The Effortlessness of Gravity

With: Dave Gardner

Session: A guided meditation & movement session on gravity and it’s direct experience with the body. Upon stumbling into stillness and silence the ever present yet illusive expression of gravity can be felt and known. From this space of borderlessness we can begin to move and receive the whole of life as it weaves through us.

15.30: A Life-long Love Affair: Gravity ~ Testimony of the Ageing Dancer

With: Tossie van Tonder | Nobonke 

Session: Studio Performance. Tossie is a philosopher of the body. During this performance you will hear and see, feel and begin to understand the life of the aging dancer and how the matter of the body adores gravity. Accompanied by real-time composition, musician playing without a score. With this performance Tossie will celebrate the beginning of her 70 year. 

16.30: Dancing with Gravity

With: Anwar McWhite & Jolene Cartmill

Session: A sound journey into conscious dance (free movement practice) integrating the day and exploring our deepened understanding and felt sense of this intimate, full-bodied, full-time relationship we have with Gravity.

18.00: Closing 


Jane Sonnenburg (non-compartmentalised awareness embodiment therapist, writer) @jane.aired

Dave Gardner (original condition teacher, meditation and movement lover)  www.original-condition.com / @davefrederickgardner

Dr Philip Southey (professor of physics, musician, explorer of embodied wisdom)

Tossie van Tonder | Nobonke (Mjoli clan elder, dance performer, psychologist, writer) www.theimageofyourperfection.co.za / @tossievantonder_nobonke

Andrew van Diemen (Biokineticist, yoga teacher and massage therapist. Body & spirit devotee) @andrewvandiemen

Anwar McWhite (musician, embodiment explorer & Jungian therapist) @anwarmcwhite

Jolene Cartmill (conscious dance facilitator, filmmaker & instigator of this event) www.dancelove.space / @dance.love.space


  • Cost: R1000
  • Booking is essential
  • Limited to 18 participants
  • Please book directly with Jolene on 0714694522
  • You spot will be confirmed on receipt of PoP 
  • Concessions are available on written request (especially for single parents, students, low-income earners and post-earners)


  • The immersion needs a certain number of participants to run and be able to cover costs. If we do not have enough participants to run, or there are other unforeseen circumstances we will postpone to a future date and offer you either to transfer your payment to the new date, or to receive a refund, excepting the booking fee.
  • The schedule and line up may change, and although we will do our best to inform participants beforehand, it may not always be possible.
  • Please note: this event will be filmed – if you are uncomfortable with being on camera, please let us know and we will frame you out of the shots, no problem! Don’t let it be a barrier to joining. Filming by www.thelovepicturecompany.co.za

We look forward to welcoming you